How to Retire Early Obvious to many but practiced by few, the key to saving for retirement is spending less than you earn and investing the remainder. Most people spend almost every dollar they earn regardless of how much they make. People that make over $100k per year just have fancier bigger houses and more… Read More

If the information so far is starting to click in your head, you may be wondering how much you need to retire and if you’ve done any personal finance research online you’ve probably come across the 4% rule also known as the 25 times rule. The 4% rule came from the trinity study and it… Read More

Why retire early when I’m having fun kicking ass in the corporate world. I don’t want to spend less, I want an even bigger house and faster car. Most people might think the why is obvious but you would be surprised how many people think retiring early is stupid and something they have no interest in doing. I… Read More

The beginning of my early retirement plan About two years ago I was watching random videos online and ran across Mr Money Mustache. A guy who retired and quit his job in his 30’s without any special cash windfall. He didn’t have an early retirement plan, he just wasn’t very materialistic, his life style didn’t change… Read More

What is Kythesis? My name is Kyle and many years ago I learned I have an unusual amount of interest in learning many different things. This led me down a path in college where I majored in physics and where I planned to continue to work so I could continue to learn new things. After… Read More