One of the things I have decided to do recently is donate time to local small businesses. I have acquired quite a bit of web development/programming skills over the years, but my skills have become a little dull over time with rare use. I did a little C++ and matlab in college. Worked in C… Read More

Sold the ZX2

Among my many faults, I have a laziness or disinterest in dealing with people I don’t know. My brain would rather donate items or sell a car cheap to a dealer quick than try to sell for closer to actual value. So far I have been mostly able to bury that laziness and get myself… Read More

I wanted to take a break from talking about finances and investing and write about one of my hobbies today, Brewing beer. Brewing beer, an incredibly complex process engineers tend to love. Other fermented beverages like wine, cider or mead seem to be more of an art-form where the final product is somewhat out of… Read More

    Why am I really saving and investing all this money? It’s all about the “F-You money”. If you’re still stuck on the notion of retirement equals never working another day in your life and don’t understand why you might want to save and invest as much of your income as you can than this post… Read More

Years ago when I was trying to first learn about investing I was like many, afraid of the market. Put your hard earned money in the market’s black box and see if there’s any left later. I looked into precious metals and bonds. savings accounts. Most precious metals that are used as investments are separate… Read More