camping trip

Yogi Bear Camping Trip near Wisconsin Dells Last weekend I went on a camping trip. Since high school I haven’t really gone on any vacations like I did when I was a kid with my parents. My last big trip was to China shortly before I turned 18 over 10 years ago. I guess when… Read More

Graduate to Financial Success

So you just graduated college and landed your first big job. Instantly taking you from poor college student living on ramen noodles to a big time high paid employee with great benefits. I just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t lay down some advice for you that I’ve learned over the years. WHAT WOULD I… Read More

True cost of owning a home

I took a little break from this series as I sold my Buell motorcycle and went off to a beer festival. Now I’m back to finish off the series reviewing my own personal home on the subject. Part 1 – We talked about the hidden costs associated with owning a home such as maintenance and… Read More

Firkin Festival

Firkin Festival July 18th 2015 If you weren’t aware, I’m a home brewer and I was invited to serve one of my home brews at the Milwaukee Firkin Festival. Between me and two of my friends, we brewed 5 gallons of a cream ale with some notes of a hefeweizen, 10 gallons of a Belgian… Read More


In the quest to downsize, I’ve sold my Buell. I know Mr Frugal Toque Experienced bliss after he sold his CBR 600F2, but tonight, all I feel is sorrow. Drowning my sorrows in one of my Hand Crafted Beers only seems fitting for ending an 8 year relationship with my 2004 Buell Lightning XB9S. How could I… Read More

true cost of owning a home

If you can’t tell, I can be quite a numbers geek and might be enjoying my new calculator a little too much. In fact I’m considering pulling out my PHP web development skillz and programming a dedicated page to the rent vs buy calculator. I think it’s a great tool for anyone considering buying or… Read More

Owning a Home vs Rent

Following up the True Cost of Owning a Home Part 1 where I broke down costs to expect after purchasing a home, We saw that in today’s dollars you can expect to spend an average of $4000 per year total on your home. We saw how this can push your monthly home cost from $1400 on… Read More

True Cost of Owning a Home

I originally set out to write about why owning a home is not an investment and should be looked at as a luxury over other places you could live, like a normal apartment. When I started to dive into intense calculations I realized with so many variables its not so clear cut. So I’ve decided… Read More

Elio motors – The Reverse Trike You Can Use All Year Round. I’ve been eying this little startup with much skepticism for the past couple years and lately it appears they may be getting somewhat close to actually producing a vehicle people can buy. Short review on the Elio. First I wanted to pepper in… Read More

How to Hypermile

Since I’ve been driving, I’ve always had two drivers in me. The side that wants to feel the quick acceleration with my foot welded to the floor and the part of me that wants to maximize efficiency and get the best MPG. Over the years I’ve played with different hypermiling techniques and have noticed various degrees… Read More