2016 Reflection

2016 was a pretty good year overall, my only real goal financially was to max out my work retirement account and my personal IRA. A total of $18,000. Despite my charitable nature and I did give away a pretty large sum of cash, My goal was met and I ended the year with a little less than $10,000 in my checking account. I’m still in my low earning days of my career and I’m still paying back Student loans, but the train is slowly turning as my expenses slowly drop each year(loans get paid off) and my income rising. It’s tough to project when I will be able to retire because I’m not sure what kind of lifestyle I would like, but I’d have to guess my early to mid 40’s at this point and at the rate I’m going. It’s very likely I’ll taper off my career and drop to part time for a couple years before fully retiring. I may even do that before hitting the golden 4% rule.

2016 High Notes:

  • Hit $57,000 net worth – My goal was $50,000.
  • Lost nearly 20 pounds of weight from 200 lbs to low 180’s *still working on getting that lower yet.
  • Helped start a beer festival and won best home brewed beer with my coffee wheat ale – Hyper Weiss.
  • Renovated my bathroom – still need new door and trim put on. I plan to do a second stage bathroom renovation at some point.

2017 Goals

Paying off my home may start to become part of my retirement plan. With no mortgage looming over my head, my expenses would plummet to an astoundingly tiny amount of money per year. I could live off of less than $10k per year. At that amount, the 4% rule becomes less important as I could easily make that much money doing odd jobs I’m actually interested in doing and freelancing engineering work. I’m looking into refinancing my house into a shorter term 11 year loan with lower APR. Unfortunately my home needs some work before I can do that. For someone that is hell bent on sprinting to the retirement finish line, I plan to do something a little odd. I’m not going to throw every dime I make this year at retirement accounts. 

The reason for this is because:

  1. I’m sick of living in my dated half torn apart house.
  2. My home in its current state severely limits future options(so it will need to be worked on eventually anyway).
  3. It will be cheaper if I slowly do the work myself and chip away at it now vs waiting until it really needs to get done and probably paying people to help.


  • Put $18k away into tax sheltered retirement accounts and hit $75k+ in net worth.
  • Setup a small workout room in spare bedroom and drop another 10-20 pounds.
  • Speed up the process of renovating my house – finish the down stairs and start the main floor.
  • Keep this site up to date and grow a reader base, I’ve been letting it go the past couple years.

2 comments on “2017 Goals and 2016 Reflection

  • My goals this year:

    1. Workout in your workout room
    2. Speed up your house renovation with you by helping
    3. Write more blog articles myself

    I partially joke but am glad to see another post! I enjoy the openness as it encourages everyone to save and know where we should be in life as well. Cheers brother!

    • Sweet, I was going to ask you if you wanted to join my workout routine, got my answer :).
      And I really need some help with my house, plan to work on it all weekend.

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