Yogi Bear Camping Trip near Wisconsin Dells

camping trip

My Tiny Tent.

Last weekend I went on a camping trip. Since high school I haven’t really gone on any vacations like I did when I was a kid with my parents. My last big trip was to China shortly before I turned 18 over 10 years ago. I guess when it came to me paying, I always kept it simple. Every year I go camping, and I’m very lucky to live in an area of Wisconsin where there are a couple amazing camp sites literally within 10 or 20 minutes of my house. This trip was not one of those places. It was a family trip to yogi bear camp grounds near Wisconsin Dells where you’re kind of plopped in an open field next to a highway instead of nestled in the woods, you always have a hard time finding a spot to put your tent and seem to automatically become very close to whoever happens to camp next to you, as their tent is touching yours.

Being near Chicago, the third largest city in the U.S., traffic all the way to the campgrounds seemed to be 5+ Illinois license plate to 1 Wisconsin. That is not an exaggeration. I guess Illinois doesn’t really have much to offer in terms of outdoor getaways. Based on my experience every summer, this must be true. Every summer I feel very odd, like a minority in my own state. And every summer the traffic simply quadruples even in my own area, but I guess it’s good for local businesses.

The campground was even worse. Funny enough, my fiance’s family is from Chicago, so I was the only true Wisconsinite in my own group. There was probably 15 to 1 Illinois plates to Wisconsin at the campground. I know most people reading this don’t care but it just feels very weird to me, especially when you’re so far into Wisconsin.

With Chicago, of course, comes big money and fancy vehicles. You can really guess with 90+% accuracy which cars are from which state. My little Focus wagon was 1 of 4! compact cars I saw at the entire camp ground. It was a sea of brand new or luxury Trucks, SUV’s, minivans and RVs. 3 of those compact cars was from our own group!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures but suffice it to say I also had the smallest tent by far. It was an a view of how far our consumerist society has come even when it comes to the humble camping trip.

* I wanted to point out something that kind of stunned me. I was charged nearly $60 per night, for two nights, for a super tiny tent lot where people CONSTANTLY walked through our lot at all times of the day and night. I realize this campground is for families and kids and there is things for them to do that I don’t care about, but it still seemed way too expensive. Overall, I guess I still had fun.


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  • Put me down as a guy who isn’t into camping … particularly at that price. And sense I’m really not a fan of a lot of people in a small space – traipsing around my living area at all hours of the day – I think I’d prefer to find an isolated spot off in the woods. Additionally, a campground with tons of people doesn’t strike me as very outdoorsy. Like Femme, a lone spot in the woods, for a lot less money, sounds much more appealing to me. But hey, time spent with family is usually a good thing. Interesting point about the types of vehicles that you ran across during your excursion.
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    • I’m not huge on camping but I’m trying to get more into hiking and such. I usually just like to work on my carpentry stuff or one of my many hobbies at home.

    • I had good memories of the campground as a kid. But as an adult it was a total 360 experience. I probably didn’t realize all the adults were hammered around me when I was a kid. I’m not much of a drinker.

  • I remember us staying there when you were a kid, it was not the cheapest even then, but I think we picked it because of the swimming pool, for you and your sister. What I remember most was when the tornado sirens went off and the had us all go the a ditch next to the freeway, yah I felt we were safe there (sarcasm). 😉

  • When we camp, we typically go to the more modern campsites, but we try to keep it less touristy. Here in NC, there’s a place that’s just like Yogi Bear camp in Wisconsin Dells (which is otherwise beautiful). It’s called South of the Border- it’s just purely ridiculous.

  • Yeah I’m not a fan of “traditional Camp grounds” here in the west I go to National Forest and BLM camps areas.. At most the fees are $5 a night which and you can’t get a better natural feeling of camping and being remote in the wilderness..

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