My bathroom had some major drain line issues so I took a break on blogging to pretty much completely redo my only bathroom. It still has a few odds and ends to finish up, I’ll write a post about it soon as I know many of you are DIY fanatics :D. My History in Business… Read More

Tax Freedom day is coming up this Sunday, April 24th. The idea behind tax freedom day: “How long would it take us to earn enough money to pay our nation’s total tax bill for the year?” Well it takes 114 days this year, landing on April 24th, they exclude leap days so it’s easy to… Read More

Like preachers of the gospel, it’s common for us to preach financial truths to the financially challenged or materialistic, but why do so many of our sermons fall on deaf ears in the real world. Why is it so difficult to convince people to make even the tiniest of financial changes? After having conversations multiple… Read More

Graduate to Financial Success

So you just graduated college and landed your first big job. Instantly taking you from poor college student living on ramen noodles to a big time high paid employee with great benefits. I just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t lay down some advice for you that I’ve learned over the years. WHAT WOULD I… Read More

    Why am I really saving and investing all this money? It’s all about the “F-You money”. If you’re still stuck on the notion of retirement equals never working another day in your life and don’t understand why you might want to save and invest as much of your income as you can than this post… Read More

If you peruse other popular early retirement blogs this may sound old hat, for the rest of us it’s time to understand the difference between frugal and cheap as you make your way towards building real wealth.’s definition of the two: Frugal – “economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful”. Cheap –… Read More

If the information so far is starting to click in your head, you may be wondering how much you need to retire and if you’ve done any personal finance research online you’ve probably come across the 4% rule also known as the 25 times rule. The 4% rule came from the trinity study and it… Read More