In the quest to downsize, I’ve sold my Buell. I know Mr Frugal Toque Experienced bliss after he sold his CBR 600F2, but tonight, all I feel is sorrow. Drowning my sorrows in one of my Hand Crafted Beers only seems fitting for ending an 8 year relationship with my 2004 Buell Lightning XB9S. How could I… Read More

Elio motors – The Reverse Trike You Can Use All Year Round. I’ve been eying this little startup with much skepticism for the past couple years and lately it appears they may be getting somewhat close to actually producing a vehicle people can buy. Short review on the Elio. First I wanted to pepper in… Read More

How to Hypermile

Since I’ve been driving, I’ve always had two drivers in me. The side that wants to feel the quick acceleration with my foot welded to the floor and the part of me that wants to maximize efficiency and get the best MPG. Over the years I’ve played with different hypermiling techniques and have noticed various degrees… Read More

Sold the ZX2

Among my many faults, I have a laziness or disinterest in dealing with people I don’t know. My brain would rather donate items or sell a car cheap to a dealer quick than try to sell for closer to actual value. So far I have been mostly able to bury that laziness and get myself… Read More