Sold the ZX2

Finally sold the ZX2.

Among my many faults, I have a laziness or disinterest in dealing with people I don’t know. My brain would rather donate items or sell a car cheap to a dealer quick than try to sell for closer to actual value. So far I have been mostly able to bury that laziness and get myself to sell items, but it often takes me far longer than it should. While trying to sell the ZX2 on craigslist, we ended up selling to my fiance’s brother. He recently graduated college and has no wheels or easy way to get to job interviews.

I’ve been fairly impressed with the ZX2 since I’ve owned it, however crude it is. It’s been as reliable as you can ask of a car. Crude engineering gave it some interesting quirks but it always got you from point A to point B with little cost.

The ZX2 was actually a lesson in how not having wealth can cost you. Not too long ago I had graduated college. A year before I graduated my frugal mustache had been twisted by a girl. It wasn’t clothes, restaurants and stupid objects that was evaporating my savings, I decided to move out of my parents house. I did it cheaply at first, moving into a classmate’s apartment. A one bedroom apartment with painted cinder blocks for walls, I slept on the couch and he got the bedroom. after that semester I wanted more privacy and I ended up going to a cheap 2 bedroom apartment with no roommate help, still super cheap, I think it was around $500 a month with heat, hot water, cable and internet included. How I miss those prices. I graduated a few months after that and we both moved back with my parents while I looked for a job. Shortly after I got a job I was convinced to move out again for more privacy, and less family/girlfriend political issues. We found a vacation house on the lake available rent over the winter. It was cheap rent but we needed to be out in 8 months. This was all done with one car and one Buell sportbike that I had. Girlfriend did not have a car. We both had jobs and shared the car most of the time, and when the temperature was nice out I took the bike rain or shine to work. We got an early chill that fall and I didn’t really have a plan or money for a second car. After a not very fun motorcycle ride through freezing rain, I ended up dead set on getting a car that weekend. I ended up with the ZX2 through a family friend’s dealership and we worked out a payment plan. Except I knew the car was worth maybe around $1500 or slightly more but agreed to pay $2800 because I was in a bind.

The day I was about to get rid of the car it turns out the transmission cooler line was leaking. It was probably a tiny leak when we last drove it but it was obvious on that day. I ended up cutting the lines and running it to a brand new, larger than needed, remote transmission cooler and gave him the car a couple days later. Fixed a few other minor things and I hope it’s as reliable for him as it has been for us.

In the end after all the twisting of my frugal mustache, I ended with little savings and overpaying for a car. Luckily a very reliable one. This is often what happens though when you are short on cash. It’s used against you to overpay for things. Cars, credit cards, homes, student loans, anything and everything becomes generally much more expensive when you’re short on cash. You’re borrowing someone else’s money and paying for their risk.

I don’t regret spending the money and moving around a bit, it was all done pretty frugally as everything is in my life. They brought interesting memories. Looking back though knowing what I know now about finances, I would’ve liked to have stayed at home with my dad longer to save up some money for a while. That could have moved my expected retirement date by several years and helped my dad financially at the same time.

Since then I left that first company and tried to help a friend start a business, then jumped a temporary job and two more jobs after that. I now have a decent paying job, decent amount of savings per month and a growing amount of investments. I’m constantly trying to refine my frugalness and regain what I lost along the way and that includes getting myself to sell items I really don’t want to deal with.