I have a confession to make.

for the past 4 years, I’ve been stashing lots of cash building up my retirement accounts. 3 years in a row I have managed to max out my retirement accounts with $18,000 per year($12,500 in Simple IRA and $5500 in traditional IRA). Three years ago there wasn’t much left after I stashed 18 grand away, so I left it at that and didn’t look too much into what else I could invest in. But slowly I am getting raises at work and paying off debt(mostly low APR student loans). Life has thrown me a few curve balls and I haven’t been attacking my early retirement plan with the same intensity. It’s been on auto pilot. I’ve been upgrading my life here and there. I bought a $6500 2006 Saab 9-3 to replace my dying corolla when a $3000 Saturn, cobalt, etc. would have done fine. I gave my ex girlfriend a lot of items I had built up (kind of like a divorce I had some control of). I bought a new $400 TV, put together a full theater system $750(I love music as I am a musician) and even bought a $200 Takamine acoustic guitar to hang on the wall in my office and occasionally play. My beer money has increased as I enjoy the finer, rarer, double imperial stouts and such. Even still, my savings account keeps growing as I stash 18 grand on auto pilot. This autopilot system looks at a 10+ year sentence till retirement. It’s time to stop the stagnation, time to stop upgrading  my life and start attacking my 11 year work sentence from different angles. Time for new investment avenues, and new streams of income.

I’m thinking about starting a YouTube channel and eventually selling items on this website or Amazon, like coffee mugs, T-shirts. I’m also considering investing through lending club. More to come soon.

If I still have any readers, I know I’ve been slacking like a bastard, any ideas on investment avenues and new streams of income? Let me know below what you’re doing.


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  • Great to see you back after a long hiatus. What you’re describing sounds like normal progression to me. While I have been investing steadily – and have been focused intently on the endeavor – for 16 years, there have been periods where I was less aggressive with my contribution amounts. As they say, life happens. The occasional emergency, the need for a new car, the decision to buy a house, etc.

    Absolutely agree with the idea of generating multiple streams of income (the topic is one of my most well received and discussed posts) both during the working years and to fund retirement needs. With respect to ideas for generating new income, perhaps self-publishing a book(s). Your blog is a ready made platform for discussion, advertising, and selling the book should you decide not to sell on a platform such as Amazon (Kindle).
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    • I think part of my hesitation is when you make decent money at your job per hour, the idea of making a few dollars per hour to build multiple streams of income isn’t very enticing. At that point I’d rather put my time towards something else, but you also know extra streams of income could blow up into something similar to your job’s hourly wage if you put enough effort into it. That’s when in my mind it becomes worth my time.

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